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        DERNS Alloy Tech (Jiang Su) CO., LTD was founded in 2005.It is an innovative company as a Provider & Designer of first-class tool materials. Work closely with the European steel mills and base on practical application, DERNS directionally research the high quality-high thermal conductivity tool steel, 3D printing materials, carbon nano-powder, slurry and mixture etc. It overturns the tradition and breaks through conventional tool material, with innovative mind and creative ideas to serve the various industry fields, as mold manufacturing, machine tool equipment manufacturing, tool manufacturing, semiconductor industry and so on. We can provide comprehensive solutions and engineering services for customers practical application. Our main mission is to help customers improve their competitive advantages and support them achieve high efficiency-low cost, especially in the hot stamping, carbon fibre forming, aluminum alloy die casting and all kinds of engineering plastic compound matrials forming etc.

 钢厂 ROVALMA.S.A   简介


        Since ROVALMA's foundation in 1977, we have been providing Superior Tool Material Solutions to our customers. Specialized in Steels and Special alloys for Tools and Machinery, we differentiate ourselves by providing a customer service based on an exceptionally profound knowledge in metallurgy, particularly with regard to tool materials's properties and their usage. ROVALMA's mission is to give competitive edge and technological lead to its cooperation partners by generating solutions to current industrial needs and anticipating future technological solutions. At the same time we strive at contributing substantially to create societal, environmental and economic benefits with our technological solutions.
放心的质量 Quality Assured
优质的服务 High Quality Service
先进的技术 Advanced Technology


High Wear Resistance Tool Mould Steel


High Corrosion Resistance Tool Steel


High toughness Tool Mould Steel


High Thermal Conductivity Tool Mould Steel

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